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없애다 ... 없어지다 _ make it vanish …vanishes,         single channel video,  6min  31sec,  2009

The film is about a man who has a small wound on his finger.

The wound keeps bothering him. The more he cares about the wound, the bigger it seems. As the man can't stand the wound any longer, he cuts it off. The old wound disappears, but there is a new bigger wound. The man cut it off again.

"The wounds vanish, but there are another wounds."

As he can't remove the wound anymore, he seals up his mouth trembling with the pain and ears not to listen to the sound of the wound. Then, he gets rid of his nose not to smell the pain. Finally, he digs out his eyes to terminate the situation. Blood comes out of the fresh wounds and takes the warmth out of his body. At last, he lets his existence vanish to remove the wound.

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